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Woman, dogs create ‘Perfect 10’ family

Woman, dogs create 'Perfect 10' family

@Bobby_L has the unique story:

  • Lynette Birch takes her dogs for a roll every day.
  • Woman, dogs create ‘Perfect 10’ family
  • In the group, dogs outnumber people and one unique family steals the show.
  • A woman shares a disability with her dogs, and that makes them a perfect family.
  • Lynette Birch and her perfect 10 of dogs, Knickers who has four legs, Levi Strauss has three legs and Capri has two legs.

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@10NewsWTSP: “Woman, dogs create ‘Perfect 10’ family

@Bobby_L has the unique story:”

A large group gathered at the edge of Lynnette Birch’s campsite deep inside the Hillsborough River State Park Thursday morning. Most had been buddies for years.

Woman, dogs create ‘Perfect 10’ family

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