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The endorsement rundown

  • BERNIE SANDERS: The Seattle Times is the only major newspaper that has endorsed Sanders.
  • JOHN KASICH: Major papers that endorsed Kasich include the Boston Globe , New York Times (a recommendation, not an actual endorsement), Dallas Morning News, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Cincinnati Enquirer, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Chicago Sun-Times and Seattle Times.
  • The Sun-Sentinel has refused to endorse any of the remaining Republican presidential candidates in Tuesday’s Florida primary, apparently the first time it has ever done this.

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@petercoffin: “Politifact is owned by the Tampa Bay Times, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton:”

With the Florida presidential primary only two days away, here is a roundup of endorsements by major American newspapers. Note that most newspapers make an endorsement in both the Republican and the Democratic primaries.On the Democratic side

The endorsement rundown | Tampa Bay Times

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