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Et Tu Bradenton?

The backlash hasn't ended following the #BoycottBradenton movement:

  • Lightning fans take a lot of criticism about their team.
  • Well, maybe not that understandable or sympathetic, but its the playoffs and Lightning fans want the region to buy in.
  • Say what you will about Lightning fans, but they are passionate and they did not like how “friendly” Visit Bradenton happened to be to the opposing team.
  • The Lightning, the regions team, is in the postseason in one of the final two rounds.
  • Whats not to like about Florida–okay, we don’t really have to answer that.

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@NewsTalkFlorida: “The backlash hasn’t ended following the #BoycottBradenton movement:”

Really Bradenton? This is not a good look.

Et Tu Bradenton?

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