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Halloween 2016: Costume slideshow

PHOTOS: Here are some of our favorite #Halloween costumes that you've sent us:

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There’s no shortage of costume ideas this year for Halloween.

@BN9: PHOTOS: Here are some of our favorite #Halloween costumes that you’ve sent us:

Everything from Pokemon characters to the usual band of superheroes are all among the most popular for the junior set.

Meanwhile, adult costumes range from risque types such as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman to doctors, nurses and witches. 

While the recent scary-clown scare has limited some clown dressups, clowns are still among the top 50 Googled Halloween costume ideas. 

And of course, it is election season. That means if you haven’t already seen someone dressed up as Donald or Hillary, wait until tonight — you will. 

Meanwhile, enjoy a few of our favorites….   

Halloween 2016: Costume slideshow

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