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Panda’s ‘proof of life’ photo debunks death rumors

Panda's ‘proof of life' photo debunks...

  • The zoo’s director said in a statement that Tuan Tuan, his partner Yuan Yuan and their cub Tuan Zai are all fine.
  • A photo made available by the Taipei Zoo on May 18, shows Tuan Tuan the Chinese panda sitting upright in his cage behind recent local newspaper front pages at the Taipei Zoo, in Taiwan.
  • Photos released by the zoo this week show 11-year-old Tuan Tuan looking at the papers laid out in front of his inner enclosure.

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@10NewsWTSP: “Panda’s ‘proof of life’ photo debunks…”

BEIJING – The subject of the photo looks out from behind bars, with newspapers arranged in front of him to prove what day it is. This “proof of life” shot is not a scene from a kidnapping but an…

Panda’s ‘proof of life’ photo debunks death rumors

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