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Grab your gear: Weather’s just fine for mackerel

Grab your gear: Weather's just fine for mackerel.  #fishing #mackerel #Floridafishing

  • It took all of 10 minutes to land the first mackerel.
  • Zalewski then suggested we bait a third rod with the 14-inch mackerel we caught earlier.
  • While idling out from Madeira Beach Marina, deckhand Paul Tedrick threw two lines into the water.
  • Captain Dave Zalewski, who has been fishing these waters for 37 years, said the mackerel started showing up about two weeks ago.
  • The mackerel was hooked through the mouth with two treble hooks dangling down the side.

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@TBTimes_Sports: “Grab your gear: Weather’s just fine for mackerel. #fishing #mackerel #Floridafishing”

MADEIRA BEACH — The general thinking is that at this time of year in west central Florida it’s just too darned hot to fish. The water temperature is too high and most of the big fish have headed to deeper, cooler waters. Unless you’re willing to run several miles offshore, it’s probably best to keep the fishing gear in the garage.That’s the general thinking, at least.It’s not necessarily true.

Grab your gear: Weather’s just fine for mackerel

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