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Column: State bear hunt ignores science

.@POTUS #Florida #blackbear hunt ignores science! #BanTrophyHunting

  • The wildlife commission set a quota of 320 bears for the Oct. 24-30 hunt in Florida.
  • To justify the hunt, wildlife officials also cited a rise in complaints about bears rooting for meals in neighborhoods.
  • If Florida does see fewer “nuisance” bear complaints this year, it will be because officials are killing so many “nuisance” bears – more than twice as many as last year and 92 percent more than five years ago.

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@annruymen1: “.@POTUS #Florida #blackbear hunt ignores science! #BanTrophyHunting”

At the annual black bear festival near Central Florida’s Ocala National Forest, there’s a children’s activity called

Column: State bear hunt ignores science

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