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5-year-old 5-organ-transplant survivor speaks to 10News

5-organ transplant boy visits 10News

  • Five-year-old Adonis Ortiz, who had a 5-organ transplant, is marking some milestones common for other kids like going to the beach.
  • Aracelis Ortiz lifts the shirt of 5-year-old Adonis to show the scars from his five-organ transplant.
  • But spend a little time with Adonis and you’ll see.
  • Aracelis asked her son as she passed her 5-year-old a plastic baggie.
  • It shows how tiny Adonis was four days before the transplant.

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@10NewsWTSP: “5-organ transplant boy visits 10News”

TAMPA — At three years old, Adonis Ortiz endured more than most people do in their entire lives. Born with his organs outside of his body, Oritz underwent a first-of-its-kind successful 5-organ-transplant.

5-year-old 5-organ-transplant survivor speaks to 10News

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